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Dr Sherman has completed regular medico-legal reports since 1998, and to date over 80 reports have been completed in the areas of both personal injury and clinical negligence. Specialist areas covered include gastroenterology, hepatology and endoscopy. The claimant / defendant ratio is approx. 80/20%.

He has also obtained experience in Coroner’s court as consultant and in discussions with barristers

In general, reports are completed in 4 – 8 weeks following a client examination, including review of records.

Courses & Training :              

He has complemented his considerable experience with the following formal training :

1) Medico-Legal Expert Training at 218 The Strand, (Healthcare Knowledge), January 2009

2) Clinical Negligence course at 218 The Strand, November 2011

3) Part 1 of the Certificate of Medical Reporting: The Civil Procedure Rules Expert Witness Certificate (Bond Solon, online), June 2013