Enquiries & Appointments



Dr Sherman is accredited with all the major private health insurance companies, including BUPA, Axa PPP, Aviva and WPA. Once an appointment has been made, pre-authorisation will often be provided by your insurers for the initial appointment.

Typical consultation charges for insured patients are £200 for a new, and £160 for a follow up appointment.

If any endoscopic procedures are arranged, both professional fees and hospital charges are payable. Dr Sherman’s professional fees generally fall within the published benefit maxima of all the major insurance companies. Competitive rates are negotiated for self pay patients.

You will be invoiced by Dr Sherman for all professional fees, and payment is requested within 30 days. Where full details have been provided to us (and not just the private hospital), the insurance company will be invoiced directly. A credit card facility is available on request for those patients wishing to pay by this method – see number for PHF services.

Separate hospital charges are also payable for endoscopic / day case procedures, blood tests, X rays/ scans, other tests and inpatient stays. The hospital will usually invoice the insurance company directly. Competitive fixed rate packages are often available for self pay patients.

Important points

  • Always inform your insurance company in advance of any tests or procedures (including procedure code)
  • Familiarise yourself with hospital charges
  • Occasionally, there will be a shortfall in re-imbursement by some insurance policies (according to policy details or excesses), in which case the patient is liable to pay the outstanding balance
  • If you have any queries regarding an invoice, please contact the number on the invoice
  • Dr Sherman’s secretarial staff will be able to help with these problems